Style Guide to Wearing Cowboy Boots the Right Way

Style-guide-to-wearing-the-cowboy-boots-right way

Cowboy boots are not only a synonym for footwear but they represent the style and heritage of the West and symbolize fashion. Their origination links to the functionality primarily, but today they add flair and coolness along with the personality to the outfit of the wearer. Nowadays, wearing boots for cowboy men demands elegance and trendiness in today’s fashion world.

Wearing Cowboy Boots Correctly

Indeed, wearing cowboy western boots is an art and it requires some vigilance to avoid ending up looking funny. Listed below are some of the ways to wear them correctly in a stylish manner:

  • Cowboy Boots for a Chic Look

To have a chic look, it is essential to choose a proper outfit that suits the pair of Cowboy Western boots. Generally, they are best paired with

  • Pair of Jeans tuck into boots
  • A button-down shirt
  • A rugged denim jacket, and
  • Leather belt.

This will provide an effortless relaxed look.

  • Wearing Cowboy boots for a Business Look

People believe that Cowboy specified boots do not suit a business look but this needs to be corrected. These specialized boots are highly incorporable with formal and semi-formal attires. Neutral-colored leather cowboy boots pair perfectly with:

  • Dress pants
  • Button-up shirt and
  • A sports coat or a blazer

This look suits the office environment, displaying a perfect balance of sophistication and professionalism.

  • Cowboy boots for a Bohemian Look

Intending to incorporate Cowboy Western boots with the free spirit look? Try flowy thinking, it will work by pairing the bohemian-inspired attire with these boots. However, to serve this purpose try wearing cowboy boots with:

  • A pair of distressed jeans
  • A patterned shirt 
  • Some layers of accessories like beaded pendants or bracelets, and many more. 

Moreover, this look can further be styled with grown-out hair. This appearance is generally suitable for all festivity and outdoor activities.

  • Cowboy boots for Formal Flair

It is an incorrect belief that boots for cowboy men cannot be worn on formal occasions. But this is just a myth.

The Cowboy Western boots, if styled appropriately, are as suitable for formal occasions as any other footwear can be. The only requirement to maintain their suitability is to wear a pair of dark, polished, and sleek cowboy black men’s boots with:

  • Nicely tailored dress pants
  • White dress shirt
  • Elegant jacket.

Plus, the addition of a bowtie or a tie can enhance the formal flair. Typically, this outlook is suitable for a gala, a formal dinner, or even a wedding event.


Keep in mind that the pair of men’s Cowboy boots are versatile footwear. It can serve well and fulfil the needs of a wearer on multiple occasions. Moreover, it can enhance the personal look and aesthetic if paired properly considering the event for which it’s chosen.

In general, cowboy boots for men can be incorporated into the wardrobe for different looks such as:

  • Business Look
  • Casual Chic Look
  • Formal Flair
  • Bohemian Vibe, and many more.

This shows that cowboy boots for men are a perfect symbol of a style statement. To keep the Western spirit shining, they can be experimented with different style goals. 

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